Why is the snap image so out of date?

I thought that the purpose of snap was that it kept your installation of RocketChat up-to-date automatically? But if the snap image isn’t kept updated, currently only 2.4.11 (February 26) instead of the latest 3.0.10, what’s the point?

[sudo] password for dwayne:
2020-04-05T13:07:53Z INFO Waiting for restart...
rocketchat-server 2.4.11 from Rocket.Chat (rocketchat✓) installed```

had the same prob, but found the solution:

Regards, Ingo

This was the first install of Rocket.Chat on a fresh installed Ubuntu 19.10 server. I used the command

sudo snap install rocketchat-server

as documented here.

I asked the same question:

Yes please see the thread on snap tracks. We will be releasing 3.x to the stable channel eventually. It’s a big enough change we want to give people time to lock in 2.x track if they do not want to update yet.

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sudo snap refresh rocketchat-server --channel=3.x/stable --classic


thankyou, work fine. Now server is at 3.1.1 level, before was 2.4