Snap update on the resource

Tell me on the website Install Rocket.Chat Server on Linux | Snap Store The latest stable version is 6.6.2 and was updated a long time ago on March 4, 2024. When are you planning to update snap to the latest version?
And will there be future support and updates for Snap?

Because they are a large part of the installed base, Snaps go through more testing than docker before release.

So they have always lagged a bit behind.

If you want the latest, use docker. At your own risk.

If you want stability, stay with snaps.

I agree that testing takes longer and more. But at the moment snap stable 6.6.2 has already been released from 6.6.2 to 6.6.6, these are 4 releases and even 6.7.0, how will they have time to release these releases on snap?

It is what it is. That is the policy - they do not rush snap updates. They release when they are comfortable and ready, and not before. This has been answered many times before if you search here.

There are no plans to withdraw snaps and updates will continue as they have for years.

If you want latest, with the associated risks, use docker. If not use snaps and accept that you will always be a little behind.

Also note they may well jump point releases.

I think Debdut answered you on open and 6.7.0 will be released shortly (personally Iā€™d wait for at least one point release to fix any bugs before upgrading!)

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