Update rocket chat when using snap?


I’ve been using snaps: https://docs.rocket.chat/installation/snaps to install rocket chat, so the official manual here doesn’t apply:

So how do I go about and update Rocket chat to the latest version?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 3.4.2
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Deployment Method:
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog:
  • NodeJS Version:
  • MongoDB Version:
  • Proxy:
  • Firewalls involved:

Any additional Information

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You can use sudo snap refresh rocketchat-server, but I believe it’s still currently at 3.4.2. I’m not sure when it will be updated to 3.5.

Thank you very much @binarydad , for your reply and the information…

That is sort of strange though because in the official guide they say and recommend that snap is the official recommended method of installing Rocket Chat.

Is there no other way you can just run the update by just pointing to the correct directories or will that just break stuff because it is dependent on Snaps?

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Snaps are one of our biggest install base. They are also auto updating. As a result we like to spend more time testing before releasing. Updated Snaps are usually released around the 15th of the month - around 2 weeks after a new release. This gives us time to look for issues so you don’t have to.

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Ok thank you very much for the update which is very much appreciated.

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Hi @aaron.ogle
so its been a while now and as far as I can see the system still tells us that there is new version but that is about it. has the update been released yet to snap installs?
Thank you.

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Still waiting for the update? Is there any news regarding update.

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Well I keep seeing these:

But there is never a update. :thinking:

The client also send these update notices:

and then you then click on it you always get this annoying and somewhat confusing message:
You will be notified when the update is ready to be installed.

It is confusing, especially for the end-users because you do expect that your computer initiates a downloadable exe file to begin the update.

Heck even for me it is sort of still is confusing and I run the server… :confused: :astonished:

It would be better if there was no update notice at all until there is a real tangible update to download for the desktop client as this saves employees from asking management/IT-department for support tickets etc

On the server side the same: It would be better to only announce updates to snap servers when there is really an update. It is a wast of our time as customers too that we have to check and then yet again find out. “Oh yet again false alarm as the server confirms there isn’t any available update”.

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I even tried to run the update command directly on the server:
But no update. :sob:
This is just to common and to be frank annoying that you receive these update notices and then spend time to try to update just to find out that you are basically just wasting time.

Maybe you guys at rocket dev staff could consider to change these routines please and only announce when there really is a update for snaps or the desktop client??
It would save time and money for us customers.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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These are really long two weeks so there is a 3.7.1 version released three weeks ago and snap users still stuck at v. 3.6.2… I only mention that v.3.6.3 was released on September 25 and we have almost November…



I have also problems updating higher than 3.2.2
Yesterday night, I removed the whole installation of Rocketchat including the snapd and did an entire re-installation. Unfortunately, I am still on 3.2.2 but why? What Am I doing wrong?

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@Evilmeasures as I understand it they have not released it yet to snap installs.
However I do not know why and are like you still waiting for an answer.

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Is there any information about when a higher version >3.6.2 is available in the Snap Store? Last update there from 21.09.2020 - Version 3.6.2.

We need the PDF preview, which should be ok from 3.6.3

King regards

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Thank you for your work but can we have an answer please?
You have deployed version 3.80 and we are still in version 3.62 with the LDAP bug.

King regards

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yea would be nice if we could get an answer


Same problem with ldap bug.
When did you release a next version on the stable channel ??? 3.6.2 since 21 september.
where is the 3.6.3 with NO ldap bug ?
where is the 3.7.0 ???

The only things i can do to help new user to connect is to reset their password on RC.
But for 1300 users …

Hi, when the last (3.6.3 ; 3.7) snap RC version will be release.
3.6.2 is the last one since 21 september !!!
The LDAP bug block users


Try ton install other version on the 3.x channel. No one works !!!
nor candidate, beta, release and so stable … Impossible to update to other version even the last beta one !


Same problem here: i am stuck with 3.6.2 with the PDF bug. First time using snap and last time i think (i will do a manual install next time)

Any way to update to 3.7.0 or at least 3.6.3 ?

Thanks in advance


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