Community Support

Community members helping one another. Feel free to post questions. And browse around to see if your question has been answered before posting a new one.

Feature Requests

Discuss possible new feature requests here with community members and core devs. Once you have the details hashed out and finalized, create the actual Feature Request on the GitHub repository as a Feature Request New Issue.

Google Summer of Code

Welcome to Rocket.Chat’s Google Summer of Code 2018 discussion forums. Feel free to share and discuss project ideas or ask questions about this years program here. For more real-time and interactive exchange / discussions with peers and mentor, please use our community server at instead.


Latest important announcements from Rocket.Chat. Occasionally some announcements from our partners and other organizations we work with that may be important to our community.


A place to post job listings related to Rocket.Chat. Also a great place for Rocket.Chat job seekers. Please make sure listings contains email address or community server user name for private communication. Do you apply to jobs using forum posts.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

BOTs Special Interest Panel

Rocket.Chat is improving the way we do bots.

Community Creations

A showcase of some of the most innovative enhancements and modification work from our global community. Check back regularly to see what others are up to, or just for inspirations.