When will 0.62.2 snap release be available?


Hi. With 0.62.2 release a big problem solved for me “#10071 Slack Import reports invalid import file type due to a call to BSON.native() which is now doesn’t exist” … But there is no snap for this release after 18 days. When is snap release for 0.62.2?


Basically it’s going to have to be manually built. This PR: https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/pull/10015 will restore the automated builds.

It’s on my plate to build and push manually just haven’t had the time yet.


Pull request has been merged into develop, what all is required now to get the snaps automatically going again?


Now fixing another bug.

We started using caddy a good while ago. Not too long ago they decided they wanted to start a company around the project. In doing so they started asking for licenses.

A personal (non-commercial) license or a commercial license you have to pay for.

This is great for them. Totally behind that. But complicates things. We can’t falsely assume everyone will be using non-commercial, and we certainly can’t download and make everyone buy a commercial license.

So we left the license part of the url blank: https://caddyserver.com/download/linux/amd64?license=

They recently patched that and it now responds as one would expect with: License type is required

The major benefit to using their official version from their website was supposed to be that their build service will pack in plugins. We don’t choose plugins… so now we are going to attempt to just grab the releases from github.

If that doesn’t work we may have to stick with an old version… or compile from source.

Again… totally not opposed to paying. We just can’t expect users to pay for something we provide out of the box. :slight_smile:

Will see how this goes.


Awesome, thanks for the detailed update.


0.62.2 is now released to stable channel.

PR for reference: https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/pull/10260


what about migrating to traefik?


We could definitely add it. But we have a fair amount using caddy so we’d have to some how migrate them.