When will 0.62.0 snap release be available?


What is time between release on https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/releases and snap release?


Hi @alexey.shilin

Please read up on this issue here: https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/9992

Normally this should be instant, yet for this release there are problems that need to be solved first.



Moved to community support and renamed so the solution can be found.

I’ve applied a fix and published the 0.62.1 snap. So its available for download now, if it hasn’t already auto-updated. I’ve also opened a PR to fix it for future releases.

To summarize… a couple of different issues.

A security issue prevented from passing automated snap store review

A library called sharp was added to 0.62.0 that replaces imagemagick/graphicsmagick. This was desirable because its way more flexible and more tightly integrated as a node module.

The way the library used was compiled has an un-needed executable stack. More information is available here:

Because of this… the snap builds were being held up by the snap store automated review process.

Grpc build issue

The google vision functionality depends on the grpc node module. For some reason when building in the snap it tries to load the module at an incorrect path. To solve this we simply copied the real path over. This is very much a bandaid… But until we figure out why its looking in the wrong place, this does solve the issue.

If anyone has experience with snaps. Please feel free to submit PR’s we know it could use some improvements.



@aaron.ogle The question about the snap releases is coming up again quite frequently on open.rocket.chat and I see there is an open issue on GitHub too.
The snap is currently on 0.65.1 and currently suffers the bug that you cannot create new custom emoji (there is more than one issue relating to that and it doesn’t just affect the emoji).
Are you the person maintaining the snap? Any idea when a new one will be released?
Thanks :smile:


I am. It should be released now


Magic! Thanks very much!

Just got in this morning and the server has been upgraded.