throws exception after updating to 0.62.1 (snap version, raspberry pi)

I have written about this over at but might as well post it here since I saw one other having the same problem.

I have a rpi3 running ubuntu core and installed as a snap. Regular standard install, nothing custom, just have caddy enabled.
A few days ago, might be a week, cant remember, it updated automatically to version 0.62.1, but since then I have been unable to access the site. It just says “502 bad gateway”. After digging around this is the error that I found after using this command “sudo journalctl -u snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server”:

Any suggestions/help/ideas would be helpful, as I kind find any other piece of information that might point to where the problem is. Every service is up and running, I just can’t access it after the update.

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