0.68.x snap release

You mention the August release. Will there also be a new release for the snap version? I was told that last month 0.68 would be available after the 27th of July, but it still isn’t. I am running into problems here because and need the option to bulk delete messages and files desperately.

Waaaay off topic for the post you commented on. I’ve forked to a new topic.

Today is still after the 27th. It’s coming… The automatic builds for snap are broke. Provided I can get to it today hopefully I can get released.

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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: been waiting for this! Hoping it will e release today heheheh :smiley:

I know it was off topic, but I asked in other topics and there was no respons. I was just curious and you can’t blame a guy for asking. It’s good to know that you are working on it. Thanks!!

snap is now 0.68.3 :slight_smile: thanks!

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