When the Snap store for arm64 is going to be updated?


I would like to get help on some questions I have and I haven’t been able to answer.

When the Snap store for arm64 architecture is going to be updated? there is activity on the repo and the amd64 snap is very up to date (4.6.2), could the team also publish the version for arm64?

If there are reasons why that update is not being done, that’s ok, but can someone please share why that is the case.

I also added the same query in Github with no luck…

@dudanogueira @debdut.chakraborty can we get your help to get an update??

This starts to become really frustrating…

@dudanogueira can someone please provide any kind of answer ?

I agree with you! the arm64 SNAP version is super old!!

with Docker it goes a bit better… but still we are several releases behind the amd64 branch :frowning:
I really hope things will improve soon!

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