Unable to hide livechat rooms


Hello everyone!

It may be a case with simple solution but I have been in trouble like this with Rocket.Chat 0.64.0 and hubot-natural:

A user with livechat-agent role cannot hide closed livechat rooms though there is the Hide Room menu in the context menu on the right side of the room item in room list. When I click that hide room menu of closed livechat room then nothing happens. When I click hide room menu of ordinary channel then confirmation dialogue pops up and I can choose hide or keep showing. I have googled about two weeks with no solution and I think that I don’t know one simple solution that everyone in this forum knows already so you don’t think it’s necessary to post an article.

If additional configuration data needed then let me know.

Thanks a lot!


OK, I found it.

If you do not set ‘Show Pre-registration Form’ item to True in the Administration - Livechat menu, You cannot hide livechat rooms.

Very weired situation. It seems that almost everyone set that item to True so my situation haven’t happen.


Just writing to let you know that your post help me, I was having the same issue

:slight_smile: Thanks!