Problems / questions regarding livechat


I have a few questions / problems with the rocketchat livechat.
I am using the latest stable version from docker hub: 6.5.3

  1. Is it possible to skip this dialog?
    I would like the chat to be closed directly instead of having to enter another comment and click on another close button.
    I have already deactivated the option “Request comment when closing”, now this dialog is gone on my mobile phone, but its still there on Desktop client and Browser

  1. Sometimes i got this message, if i am closing a chat on my mobile phone

And after this message the chat is not deleted (only on the mobile phone, on the desktop client / browser it is correctly removed)

  1. Is it possible to hide the user name and e-mail address of the agent in the top bar of the live chat window, or to save a custom name / e-mail address only for the live chat?

I have already deactivated the options “show agent information” and “show agent email” in the omnichannel settings.
But it didn’t make any difference