Crazy! 361 chat rooms suddenly appear in roster as new messages


We have 2 agents in user support channel and 361 client chat rooms. Most of 361 chat rooms was hidden but every time one agent disconnects all 361 chat rooms appear in roster with “new messages” though “new mesages” are only agent transfer note!!!
Thus roster is totally unusable for client support!!!


What version of Rocket.Chat?

Also can you reproduce? If so can you provide steps to do so?


Version is latest stable.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create channel with 2 agents
  2. collect a few client chats
  3. hide some chats
  4. one agent exits
  5. check in another agent’s interface where all chats unhidden and marked as new messaages
  6. try hard to find chats with true new messages from live clients

see screenshots


as you can see in screenshot, there is no true new messages, but only service announcements of chat transfer


conclusion: hidden chats should remain hidden after transfer from one agent to another on occation of formet agent exit