Livechat Registration Form

I would like new chat users to get the “registration form” but also, after they fill it out, get a welcome message in the chat. Similar to how Rocket.Chat’s chat is doing it. But it seems I can only either have a registration for but no initial message or a welcome message and no registration form.

What version are you working with? Maybe it’s an older version, where trigger may cause registration form not to show.

I am up to date.


Apps Engine Version

Node Version

4.0.22 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled)

You need 3.12.0+, which includes Livechat 1.8.0.

SAheesh my bad. I need to fix my upgrade script.

Still the same though after upgrade to Version 3.14.3. It is now like triggers do not work at all.
The trigger when open chat, nor visit page nor time on page seem to ever trigger.

Also looks like I can no loner transfer or end chats. err no, they are in invisible buttons at top until I upgraded the client

I think you might find there are more fixes in 3.15

After the upgrade to the frontend there were lots of issues which are being worked through.

We are focusing on more fixes and stability now.

Ummm but Last Release: 3.14.3

ok, 3.15 came out 5 minutes after I wrote that. . lets see if it works. Nope, triggers still not working.

ok, 3.15 fixed some things but maybe not all. Here are things I have seen.

  1. I remember Custom Fields being shown on the registration form. It no longer looks as though they are.
  2. Normally Custom Fields would show up in the room info when chatting previously. However, I get they are not room varriables. But when I try to select the chat guest and get user info I get errors like “Cannot set property 'canviewAllInfo of undefined” and “Invalid User” when I try.
  3. Triggers do not seem to be working beyond the first visit even though “Run only once for each visitor” is unchecked.
  4. The trigger “Chat opened by the visitor” never seems to trigger.
  5. Even though the setting is enabled, users are no asked if they want a transcript of the chat.

I’ll report more as I find them

Can you please have a good search in github as you find an issue - it may already be reported there.

(edit the search box so it just says is:issue so you search both opened and closed bugs)

If we can’t find them then we may need to open some new issues.

ok, I’ll report any bugs there then. Thank you

Please make sure there is nothing existing please.