Surveys at chats/teams

Hello, could you please advise is there an option at (at teams or channel) to create a pole with the open questions?

Hi! Welcome to our Community :hugs:

There is an app for that! (sorry, couldn’t resist, hahaha)

Check this out: Poll Plus

The source code lives here: GitHub - Poll-Plus/ Rocket.Chat App for creating polls.

Let me know if this helps!

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I checked this, but looks like there is no option how to handle “open questions” that requires text answer, not option to choose.

One of the options should be something like:
Title: “Share your opinion” and text input, where user will write his text

Hi! Sorry! I don’t think I got the idea right then :frowning:

Can you elaborate it more? Maybe this might be an ideia for a new App.

We have a very interesting App that we use internally at Rocket.Chat, it’s valled koko, and might be something similar to what you described.

it will ask questions to users in direct message, then, it will send those answers to a room where everybody can see those messages.

Let me know if this is something related to what you want.

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thanks for sharing, is it possible to test is somehow ? Can you invite me to this channel where you have it ?

You can install it on your own server.

Unfortunately, it’s a private channel, I can show you some screenshots:

So, Koko will eventually send questions to you by direct, like so:


then you click to answer:


after a while, the answers are posted on a specific channel:

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Thanks, is it possible to ask few questions together, or only one question ?

For the Koko it’s only one.

I believe this is a great idea for an App. If we set the requirements, we could develop it collaboratively :slight_smile:

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in my opinion, if you will add multiple options of “open” questions this could be a good option for the users)
as and advance option, you can add also generic vote options )

Hello, could you please send me the app that can be installed to the test environment ? thanks