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Very interested to see what develops here between Rocket.Chat and Discourse. I think a lot of people agree that real time chat platforms like RC are not always so good for deep, structured and ongoing themed discussions, and forums platforms like Discourse lack the ability for spontaneous conversation and delivery of contextual services and info via bots.

If RC + D can develop some nice ways to bring these two comms worlds a bit closer together then we really will have something interesting.

I’m looking forward to participating in this process


real time chat platforms like RC are not always so good for deep, structured and ongoing themed discussions

Especially so with contributors in different time zones!

I’m also pretty keen how one wants to properly fork off

  • from a heated chat discussion into here (Discourse) and keep the essence here
  • from an in-depth discussion that needs realtime-confirmation or discussion of stuff

… and how to properly melt this into one consistent UI. That’s for sure a very non-trivial task from an UI perspective. Keeping context in any direction is going to be paramount.



Hello I discover this forum by the link via the channel rocketchat. I use rocketchat on several sites. Thank you for creating this forum. Sorry if my English is not good I am French.


bonjour, je viens de voir votre message. Je cherche une personne pour une intégration de rocket chat sur un site web, et quelques adaptations. Seriez-vous intéressé par le travail? pourrions nous en parler? si oui, ecrivez à mon addresse : solange_roux@yahoo.fr, merci

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@silvia-8 Please post this in the Jobs forum : https://forums.rocket.chat/c/jobs Merci.

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