Create a Form for a Channel

Brand new to Rocket.Chat. Is it possible to create a simple form for a specific Channel?

We are looking to collect 3 or 4 pieces of information and tag it for a specific member. The tagged member will receive an email with the info that was collected on the form. The tagged member is an email address that will open a ticket in our Spiceworks help desk.

Thanks for your help!!!

Sounds like where an app would be perfect!

Check out the poll app in our marketplace. Pops up a dialog and can do actions with result.

Here is source:

Might be worth making your own app to do what you are looking for

Thanks. I will check it out. Does this work on the mobile app and the windows app?

Yup both

Here is the poll app on iPad :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate the time you took to respond.