Forms for surveys, rate service and/or classify OmniChannel interactions

Hi community,

We’re trying to implement Rocket.Chat for a contact center. I was wondering if it is possible to have forms to use in various use cases.
For example, after you finish the interaction with a customer, maybe a live chat, a Facebook chat, or a call, we would like that the agent could fill out a form classifying things like purpose, conclusion, etc.
Another case may be at the end of a chat interaction to send a form to rate the service of the agent like, Did the agent solve your request? rate the service from 1 to 5, would you recommend the service? etc.
I know about the Poll app included in RC but that’s not what we would like to do.
Do you know any integration available or maybe an app that I haven’t noticed? Had anyone done something like this?
Thanks for your help. David