Sorry for the dumb question: WhatsApp + Twilio + Rocket.Chat


Hello, I’ve integrated WhatsApp + Rocket using twilio, its working fine. When I receive messages on my twilio number and stuff. But is it possible to send messages from rocket to another person? I mean without the person join in contact first.

Server Setup Information


Versão 3.10.4

No - that’s not possible at the moment. See this pending issue on Github Initiate outbound Twilio SMS from Livechat · Issue #7150 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat · GitHub . My understanding is that someone is working on this (i.e. outbound sms) that should be part of an upcoming release via the omnichannel part of rocketchat.

I have a similar issue. RocketChat receives WhatsApp messages, but won’t send them. In my case I’ve been able to determine the issue has something to do with RocketChat receiving the message from the “live” WhatsApp number but then attempting to respond using the “Sandbox” WhatsApp number.

Is that what you are trying to do too? Respond to a received message? Or are you trying to initiate contact with someone who hasn’t yet messaged you? If you, like me, are trying to respond to a received message, and it won’t go through, then your problem isn’t covered by the pending issue on Github.

Hi! We just announced our oficial WhatsApp integration here on Forums.
Check it out: New WhatsApp integration available for all Community workspaces - #2