Self Service cloud issue

Getting below error self service cloud



can you give us some details on your deployment please?

Version, type, OS etc

At what point did this occur? During setup?

thank you john for your response,
Iits done but when i tried to add jitsi in rocket chat server it is redirecting from market place to cloud account afetr that i am unable to find any option to install jitsi in rocket chat server. can you please help me how to install / add jitsi screenshare in rocket chat opensourse server ?

I’m afraid I can’t help you if you don’t give some details of your installation!

You need to enable a cloud workspace to enable various features in Rocket.Chat

I think you are trying to add the Jitsi slash command marketplace app. This is not required to use Jitsi - it just makes creating a channel easier.

To set up Jitsi you can set your connection in Admin/Video Conference

You can either use or your own server.

Screen share is a Jitsi function, not Rocket.Chat. You can use it once you have Jitis set up and running.