Rocketchat Jitsi Video Call Install from Market Place issue

Hi Rocket Chat Support,

We have installed Rocket Chat via Univention UCS Server. We will be using rocketchat as a means of communication accross our clinics. It is currently operational, however we want to activate Jitsi Video Calling as well. We are aware that we can activate that functionality via the marketplace, however we are not able to install it as it is prompting us to login to rocket chat cloud and it is giving the below error. Can you please help us to resolve this and be able to activate or install jitsi video calling from Market place. Thank you.


Invalid redirect uri. If you are attempting to login to your workspace, please go back and click the “Sync” button (26fd4a12-369b-438f-92cb-56e6afb2c403).

Hi! Welcome to our forums :slight_smile:

You don’t need the Jitsi App in our marketplace to actually use Jitsi!

That app will give you the slash command /jitsi, so you can quickly create rooms.

Now, you probably want to enable the call button on channel and teams. For that, you go Admin > Video Conference > Jitsi and enabled it.

From experience, people prefers that it opens on a new window so during the call they can still navigate in Rocket.Chat.

Bear i mind that those calls are going to take place on Jitsi servers.
You may want to deploy a jitsi server of your own, so those information doesn’t leave your servers.

For registering, access, register yourself, and generate the token that you will paste in Rocket.Chat.

Let me know if this helps or how can I help you :slight_smile: