iOS-App vs my Server


Hello Community,

I have a problem connecting to my Rocket.Chat instance via iOS-App.
It is working via Safari-Browser, via Android-app and via Windows-Client.

The certificate is not self signed and the full cert-Chain is available.

For those who want to try: server.domain.tld [Edit: removed after solving of problem]

I even tried to import all the Certs in the chain to the iPhone, but its still not working…

I do not know what to do…
can someone help please.


From the message, it looks like your server is not supporting HTTPS connections the way the app is expecting. It requires TLS v1.2 at minimum.


Hi rafael,

Danke for your reply,

based on SSl-Labs test:
TLS 1.2 is availabel and enabled…

do you see any way to find out what specifically should be enabled?



You can check on this report what you can improve in your SSL:



thats exactly what I did, I posted the very same URL 2h ago.
AFAIK the report says, that TLS V1.2 is enabled, but the problem still exists. Is there a console or a logfile written by the iOS app, so that I can find out better whats wrong?



For me your server works on iOS with Rocket Chat App 3.2.0.
Have a nice weekend…



yeah I found a solution this afternoon.
I had to enable certain cipher suites (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384) and I had to give them a higher priority…

…so that case can be closed!

Thanks everyone