iOS Rocket.Chat+ app won't connect, but Android is fine


Hello all,

After a bit of help please. We’ve recently setup Rocket.Chat (0.61.0) via Docker on a Windows Server 2016 machine - using IIS to reverse proxy (websockets are enabled, and we’re using ARR 3.0).

We have a LetsEncrypt certificate on the server, and everything is working fine on all browsers that I’ve tested, and also the Android version of the Rocket.Chat+ app. I can see from the Chrome debugger that websockets seem to be working OK (no errors).

However, the iOS version of Rocket.Chat+ (tested on two devices) always reports “Could not connect to this server”.

If on the same device, I open the Url in Safari browser, everything works fine. Also, the old Cordova Rocket.Chat app works OK.

If I look in the IIS logs, I’m getting something like this when I attempt to connect:

  • GET /api/v1/info 443 - {device IP} HTTP/2.0 Rocket.Chat/137+CFNetwork/893.14.2+Darwin/17.3.0 - 200 0 0 91
  • GET /websocket 443 - {device IP} HTTP/1.1 - - 502 5 12152 90

It seems the second GET request is causing a 502 status code.

Is there some way to run the iOS app in debug mode so I can see what’s going on?

Related question - is the Rocket.Chat+ app likely to support SAML single sign-on at some point?




I managed to fix this myself after playing with it all day.

TL;DR … although it looked like websocket connections were being proxied correctly by IIS, they in fact weren’t working (being closed immediately). It was to do with not supporting compression, so I had to add a server variable to the rewrite request that set HTTP_SEC_WEBSOCKET_EXTENSIONS to “”

Now I can use the iOS app :smiley: Just waiting for that SAML support…

If anyone wants any tips on how to get this working using Docker on Windows Server, then I’m here…


Glad you got it! I’m not too familiar with IIS. But my guess would have been related to websocket proxy. :slight_smile:

If you have tips and feel like writing a bit. We definitely accept PRs to our docs repo:

Docker on windows sounds like an excellent way to recommend installing Rocket.Chat when windows is a requirement.


@steve.smith I’d definitely be interested in picking your brain about installing on Windows Server 2016 more generally (I wasn’t sure of how to send a direct message on these forums).
I’d also give a +1 vote for you to contribute to the documentation repo, if you had the time/inclination. :grinning:



I ended up writing a quick blog post about it:

We still have it up and running, and I managed to upgrade it to the latest version the other day (

We’re still really only testing it at the moment, but it seems fairly stable.



Amazing! Thanks for being so thorough - I’ll hopefully be able to take a look at implementing this in the next few weeks.


Hi Steve - just wondering if you might be able to share your docker-compose file for this setup?
I’m new to all this, and am hitting a bit of a wall.



I think its the standard one (I don’t remember changing anything)

image: mongo:3.0
command: mongod --smallfiles --oplogSize 128

image: rocketchat/
- PORT=3000
- ROOT_URL=http://docker:3000
- MONGO_URL=mongodb://db:27017/rocketchat
- db:db
- 3000:3000


can u post your iis web.config file , i am not config correct too.
this is my