Can't connect to custom deployed Rocket.Chat using mobile apps (iOS or Android)

Hi Everyone,

I installed a server to test Rocket.Chat.
This server is located behind a Reverse-Proxy (HTTPS to HTTP).
On this Proxy I have a self signed certificate

Chat works on WEB and desktop application.

But on mobile applications I can not even connect

On Android I have this error message: failed to connect to server: abort.abort

Can any one help me on this issue

Thanks and best regards

This right here will be the issue.

Especially on iOS where such is not possible. You would have to make the phones trust the certificate.

That or get a valid cert via letsencrypt

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We’re working to support self-signed certificate in the future from our App Store / Google Play apps, but for now in order to use it, just follow @aaron.ogle advice and use LetsEncrypt if you can.

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Self-signed certificate still not working? Mobile app (Android) reports: “An error occurred while checking your server version”

@User_18 Not by default, but you can fork the apps and include your own certificate in the implementation if you want to for now.

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Thanks! How can I do this (where to read, links, etc.)

If you want to support self-signed certificates: Do you think that helps you?

I have the same problem anyone help me?
I want to connect android rocket chat app with rocket chat server in a local network with a self signed certificate but can’t login to app.