iOS app bypassing VPN

We have a server which can only be accessed when connected to our VPN. This seems to work just fine, we have no apparent issues…

One of our team recently updated their iOS device. When trying to use the RC iOS app, they could not log in to our server. When we investigated, we found that our reverse proxy was (correctly) denying access, as the connection was not coming from our VPN IP address. Instead it was coming from the device’s poublic IP address. This seems to suggest that the iOS RC app is somehow bypassing the VPN connection.

Using both the WireGuard and OpenVPN iOS apps to connect to our VPN we see the same issue.

Using the same iOS device, it is possible to connect to our RC server using Safari and Chrome browsers.

This seems to only affect new installs or remove/installs as other team members using the same configs can use RC without issue. We don’t see this issue using Android devices.

Is there client side setting that needs to be changed to force the RC app to use the VPN ?

iOS: 14.6

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: Docker 3.16.0


Try a search in the interwebs for:

ios 14.6 not using VPN

I think this is an iOS issue generally.