I ran 'snap install rocketchat-server'...now what?


I ran the command on a brand new Ubuntu VPS instance. It completed successfully as far as I can tell. Now what do I do? I only see port 22 open to the world.



I use these steps to configure my server…


Port 3000 finally showed up in netstat. Unfortunately, port 3000 is not one of the few allowed ports that are open on the corporate firewall. How do I change the port number?


Okay, now I’ve configured Caddy with a self-signed cert and I’m now configuring the server.

This process wasn’t particularly intuitive. The official install page implies that the snap command is all that needs to be used. Only by digging around the documentation did anything turn up. I’m sure it makes total sense to those who already use the product as to what to do, but it’s misleading to say “just run this one command” when there’s actually more to it.