How to Setup RocketChat in Mobile App (IOS and Android)

Hi Everyone,

We have installed and setup rocket chat via UCS Univention server and we’ve been using it for ksome time now. We would like to set rockt chat as well to be used in mobile via rocketchat app. However we are getting the below error: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

We just put the url that we used to put in the rocktchat desktop app.

https://IP address/rocketchat

Please shed some light on how to set up via mobile app.

Thank you.



This is certainly a certificate problem.

Check out this thread on the same issue:

Hello friends.

I installed self signer certificate in Ubuntu 20.04 and work perfect in browser and Linux App, but no work in Android.

Does works rocketchat in localhost server to connect using android ?

OBS : Last information that you told no work.

Thanks a lot.