Mobile SSL issue

Does the latest Version of Rocket Chat require mobile apps to use ssl?

I recently updated my RocketChat server to the latest, I am on IOS and I do not have an ssl cert for Rocketchat installed. I believe this used to work without SSL on android. So I am not sure if the update changed this requirement or its because I am using IOS now.

I can otherwise connect fine through the web.

The rocketchat documentation I have found on this only speaks to development for mobile apps(Makes me think it still applies to IOS and Android).

If anyone has any thoughts on this I would be appreciative.

I’ve had an issue when trying to open any HTTPS links. Chrome refuses to load the page (for example, twitter, vine links), and tells me there’s an SSL Connection Error. I didn’t have any issues with this on my Nexus 5 running stock firmware, so I’m wondering if it’s a ROM issue Kodi nox.