Can't get dialogflow to work with livechat to handover the chatbot to a human agent

I have a chatbot working in rocket chat live chat via dialogflow but I can’t make the handover to departments work according to the option selected by the user. I found the documentation here: Perform Handover, but it’s not clear enough for me, where I should use the example codes (sample call) and where to get the “sessionId”?

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You should be able to call that API in order to close or handover the chat to another department.

I doesn’t have experience in Dialogflow, but have with other bot platforms (like botpress and rasa).

Both Rasa and Botpress will allow you call any API endpoints from within the bot, passing some variables. You should be able to do that too, using DialogFlow.

Do you know someone who can help me? or some source that contains an example? I couldn’t find anything on the internet