Android 2.0.0 Beta 5 released

Hello all,

We just released the beta 5 of our Android app version 2.0.0. Here are the changes since beta 1:

 - Allow user to change it's status;
 - Better feedback on sending messages;
 - Better HTTP calls retry handling;
 - Allow new users to set an username when using OAuth;
 - Fixed issue with quoted messages;
 - Fixed issue when using Google Keyboard with swipe;
 - Fixed two crashes related to Google Play services;
 - Fixed some other crashes;

Want to help us testing it?

In order to test the new release, go to our Google Play page on your Android, in the bottom of the page you’ll see a Beta announcement. Just join it (if you’re not a Beta tester yet) and wait a few minutes before you are able to download it. If you want to directly download it and install, you can use our release APK from our GitHub page by clicking here.

If you find any bug, please fill an issue. If you’ve any suggestion to make to the app, we ask you to create a new topic on this forum.