Android 3.0 released

Dear Rocket.Chat community,

Today we’re shipping Android 3.0 to Google Play! Here are the highlights of the release. Please refer our Android 3.0 changelog for a complete list.


  • Messages are now saved in database and can be viewed offline;
  • Redesign on the onboarding experience of the app;
  • Removed all markdown tags from the list of rooms on the last message;
  • Autocomplete for emojis;
  • Collapse/Uncollapse feature for text attachments;
  • Custom Emojis on Reactions;
  • Draft message per channel;
  • Many fixes and improvements on Markdown parsing;
  • Fixed 2FA authentication with email;
  • Added support to “room privacy changed” system message;
  • Improvement on the Members list title;
  • Couple of refactors in the suggestions code;


Thank you very much to all of you! :heart:

More information

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here .

:star: Please, if you enjoyed the update, leave us a positive review in Google Play!