Android 2.0.0 Beta 1 released


Hello all,

Two weeks ago, we released our first alpha of the new version (2.0.0) of our Android app. Today, we’re proud to released our first public beta of the app. This release, includes most of the basic features so almost everybody that’s using Rocket.Chat right now can use the app (we’re still missing some of the authentication methods that are harder to support). Here’s the changelog:

  • Now, when you upgrade the app from version 1.x to 2.0.0, the app will automagically migrate all your accounts and servers; This task wasn’t easy to do because we’re not using the same database framework on the new application, so kudos to @leonardo.aramaki that developed the migration;
  • The app also supports multiple servers now, simply slide the left-side menu and you’ll see an option; Kudos to @lucio.maciel for developing this so expected and requested feature;
  • And finally, this new app supports the most used authentication methods: CAS, Google, GitHub, GitLab, e-mail, username and Custom OAuth; Kudos to @filipe.brito for working very hard to make all of them to work on the new app;
  • Lots and lots of bugs fixes, of course;


Chats list


Actions in a Message (see Add reaction? :heart:)

Emoji keyboard!!!


So far, we had lots of issues opened and being closed during the development, many of you from the community are helping us and here’s the list of everybody that merged some code into this alpha version (THANK YOU ALL!!!):

Want to help us testing it?

In order to test the new release, go to our Google Play page on your Android, in the bottom of the page you’ll see a Beta announcement. Just join it (if you’re not a Beta tester yet) and wait a few minutes before you are able to download it. If you want to directly download it and install, you can use our release APK from our GitHub page by clicking here.

If you find any bug, please fill an issue. If you’ve any suggestion to make to the app, we ask you to create a new topic on this forum.


Good job Android team!!! :tada:


One question: the release notes say:

Authentication with LDAP, CAS, email, username, Google, GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn;

I’m irritated by LDAP there. I would’ve assumed, that the LDAP connection would be done by the Rocket.Chat server to the configured LDAP server. What does the app have to do with that?

Appreciate any comment :slight_smile:



I understand your concern and it makes total sense. The issue is that the API works differently if we want to support LDAP or not on the app. So, in order to support it, we had to make changes on the payload of the authentication method, basically. All LDAP connection/authentication is still being done on the server-side. :+1:


I see! Thanks for the clarification! … and as a thank you, I have opened a new issue :smiley:



I don’t see anywhere on the Google Play page to become a beta tester, I even CTRL+F’d it and didn’t find anything.


I don’t think available via web UI. Hop in play store app