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Rocket.chat message moderation (7)
Offer to automatically attach text file to chat when message is too long (1)
Retention policy (5)
API user.info - unread messages and count of (6)
Option to have the public setting on by default when creating a channel (2)
Invite New Users Feature (12)
Improved deep linking support (5)
MacOS: Menu bar icon (1)
Rocket.Chat android app generator for particular server (2)
Blur messages until you hover over them (1)
Supporting rich chatbot messages/menus ( 2 ) (33)
Collapsing navigation bar (2)
iOS: Switch to Cartage or Swift Package Manager (2)
Prometheus Port Configurable (4)
Kerberos authentication (LDAP Single Sign On) (7)
Rename Rocket.Chat Apps to Rocket.Chat Plugins (9)
Change reply place in conversation (3)
Make signal/noise ratio (system vs chat message) more configurable (1)
All users connect to open.rocket.chat by default (16)
Forwarding message (3)
Banning members (1)
Configuration links for clients in welcome emails (2)
Mobile Apps - swipe (7)
Auto-generate username during registration (2)
Always show Member List on the right (2)
Rate-limit media uploads (2)
Moving "X is typing" below the composer (5)
Channel description (1)
Multi-org instances (7)