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Monitoring administration of rocket chat (2)
Ctrl + F shortcut for Search on chat (1)
LiveChat for registered users (1)
API user.info - unread messages and count of (7)
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WeChat integration (14)
LDAP populating private groups (1)
User search filter - View online users only (1)
Gamify rocket.chat participation (1)
Rich message button that would deep link to an event in the app (2)
Camera Option for Rocket Chat Application (11)
Split screen chat (1)
Canned Responses (1)
Impersonate User (1)
Discourse as SSO provider support (1)
Zoom plugin with rocket chat (1)
Always show Member List on the right (5)
Do not move chat label in roster until it is released (8)
Change reply place in conversation (6)
Internet access through corporate proxy-server (1)
Rocket.chat message moderation (8)
Search unusable if few chats with same name was found (1)
Offer to automatically attach text file to chat when message is too long (1)
Retention policy (5)
Option to have the public setting on by default when creating a channel (2)
Invite New Users Feature (12)
Improved deep linking support (5)
MacOS: Menu bar icon (1)