Feature Requests

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Allow admins to change user avatars (1)
Waveform or VU meter to indicate that audio is being captured for a voice message (1)
IDP multiple Service Providers (1)
Multi-org instances (5)
Chat Bubbles UX Option (3)
Allow Admin to set default favorites for users (1)
Supporting FB Messenger style rich chatbot messages/menus (11)
Camera Option for Rocket Chat Application (9)
Default Accepted Media Types (1)
Feature Request : Option to move Jitsi to Top Center instead of sidebar (5)
Push-to-talk voice chat (2)
Transcription of voice clips (1)
iOS: Switch to Cartage or Swift Package Manager (1)
Integrate with Windows 10's My People for Direct Messages (1)
IFTTT integration (2)
WeChat integration (8)
Dark mode per user (1)
Bubble DM conversations with new messages to the top? (7)
REST API for favoriting room (8)
Rocket.Chat - Android App Feature (2)
Whatsup like message delivered/seen information ( 2 ) (22)
REST endpoint for retrieving a single subscription (3)
Limit the number of reactions (1)
Custom css in chat similar to facebook messenger (4)
Logout on SAML without SLO (1)
Integration with Openproject.org (4)
Priority feature for messages (1)
Deleting Chat History (1)
Rocket.chat message moderation (2)