White screen after Login


After installing the latest version 3.5.4
All new users after logging in via web or in the windows client, only a blank screen appears.
if they login to the android or iOS apps it works normally.
We check user permissions and everything is normal, the same error happens with old accounts that had time without logging in
When inspecting the console, no errors appear
screenshot: https://prnt.sc/u926kg
With the rest of the existing users the system works naturally, and we have even replicated the error from the local ip address without leaving through the proxy to verify if it was not an error of the nginx

Server Setup Information

|Versión de Motor de Aplicaciones|1.16.0|
|Migración de base de datos|202|
|Fecha de migración de base de datos|27 de agosto de 2020 11:34|
|Instalación|4 de noviembre de 2019 12:30|
|el tiempo de actividad|3 días, 22 horas, 37 minutos, 35 segundos|
|ID de despliegue|9hkiwXLegNp4TjrFD|
|Ejecución de instancias|1|


Hash ef234790be55cc950fbd7325ad9c38fee368a75b
Fecha Mon Aug 24 20:21:36 2020 -0300
Etiqueta 3.5.4
Autor Diego Sampaio
Asunto Merge pull request #18665 from RocketChat/release-3.5.4

Entorno de ejecución

|Tipo de SO|Linux|
|Plataforma del SO|linux|
|Arquitectura de SO|x64|
|Versión del SO|4.15.0-112-generic|
|Versiond de Node|v12.16.1|
|Mongo Version|4.0.20|
|Mongo Storage Engine|mmapv1|
|Tiempo de funcionamiento del SO|3 días, 22 horas, 37 minutos, 41 segundos|
|Promedio de Carga del SO|0.06, 0.15, 0.09|
|Memoria Total del SO|1.95 GB|
|Memoria Libre del SO|401.60 MB|
|Recuento de CPUs|4|

|Plataforma del SO|linux|
|Arquitectura de SO|x64|
|Versión del SO|5.3.0-1034-azure|
|Versiond de Node|v12.16.1|
|Fecha|24 de agosto de 2020 18:29|

The problem is the 2fa

Login with User and Password in the chat:

-When the data is correct and the login button is pressed, a blank page will be displayed.
-That’s when they use the following command in the Rocket.Chat virtual machine:

use mongo
user rocketchat
db.users.updateOne({ “username”: “xxx” },{$set: {“services.totp.enabled”:true},})

-Replace the “xxx” with the username of the person who needs to be configured

-With this command the blank page should change to the chat home screen.

-Generate an authentication code in “My Account” - “Personal Access Key” -Add

-Next time when a 2fa is requested, that code will be used.