Android App whitescreen after tar upgrade to .60

Today i upgrade own server to 0.60.
After that i saw that all android app Rocket.Chat whitescreen.
iOs app is working fine.
Anyone have a same isssue ?

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I have the same issue. Upgrade occurred last night, phone app prompted me to do an upgrade, now it has a white screen. Can enter in the host but then it brings me to a white screen instead of the prom pt for user login. I uninstalled and reinstalled app several times but I can’t get past the right screen. Updated and upgrade server completely after the snap update.

This feels like a specific issue, has anyone opened this on GitHub and linked here?

Yes, there already is a github issue and no, this seems to be a broader issue and not very specific. In fact it’s hitting me, too.


We need to let the mobile team know too. @rafaelks do you know if someone is on the case?

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I’d like to not downgrade as I don’t particularly think this is a deal breaker but this is pretty bad :confused:

This is fixed :tada:

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Perfect. I’ll go ahead and archive this topic. :slight_smile:

For any others that come across. This was fixed by a new release of the Rocket.Chat app. Please make sure to update.