What software is being used for the rocket.chat forums?


I am curious what software is being used for this discussion forum. Is it a node.js app?


Ok, never mind, I found a reference to Discourse in another discussion. So this forum is using Discourse. I think that adding this type of functionality to Rocket.chat will be a good project. I am guessing that you would start by creating a new type of channel. I think maybe a “Forum” channel. That type of channel can be setup to create threaded discussions groups.

This might make a good starting point for creating this new channel type: https://github.com/trylinear/linear

It seems silly for Rocket.chat to not use its own product for discussion forums. However, considering it does not have forum functionality, someone will need to add it in.


(background: I’m on the Discourse team)

Forums and Chat serve different communication needs. Rocket Chat fits the real-time synchronous mostly-ephemeral team communication need, whereas Discourse fits the asynchronous long-term semi-structured need.

It’s pretty cool: we use Rocket Chat where Discourse doesn’t fit, and Rocket Chat uses Discourse where Rocket Chat doesn’t fit. :rocket: :+1:

The Discourse team recently switched to using Rocket Chat for our chat needs (switching from Slack). We have a Slack plugin to import a discussion into Discourse for long-term retention and we’ll probably do that for Rocket Chat eventually.


Yes. Precisely @supermathie !

We enlisted the help of a super experienced open source community guy (@erlend_sh from discourse) to analyze what categories are best for structured forums. And we will be starting with these:

  • community support
  • feature requests
  • jobs
  • announcements

The plan is to let user migrate naturally by offering overlapping channels in the mean time.