Doesn't make sense to have both thread and discussion


They pretty much do the same thing don’t they? Btw GREAT job on the 1.x release! Upgraded without a hitch


As per my reply at

Essentially they developed Discussions, but lots complained they wanted Slack like threads. So at the last second they decided to try and implement them.

You can read more on Issues at githib.


Yeah I disabled threads, this ain’t slack!


No but it has a lot of Slack refugees. And rather than accept the differences they have banged on about it :slight_smile:

My guess is someone with some clout said they would migrate to Rocket if it had Slack like threading, and that was enough to tip the balance.


I have no qualms about getting funded, especially for an open source project. Good for the team!


Me neither, but it has led to some ‘shoot from the hip’ decisions…


Oh well, I’m just glad the update didn’t mess up my install.


Also here’s the link for anyone wondering:

Are basically new sub channels that inherit permission from the parent channel and have its creation announced on the parent channel.

Will exist on the same channel. They will replace/enhance the reply action we have now, but add the parent message property to the messages, so they can be displayed on the sidebar.

Both these features will be toggleable. e.g. turn on only threads but not discussions.


Does it make sense to have both enabled? Are people finding that one is better than the other?


Read mh thread on v1 and Aarons comments explaining.

I have seen/used both and understand both use cases.



To be clear this actually wasn’t the case. :grin: we just really wanted threads to be apart of our 1.0 release. Our initial implementation we used a lot and we didn’t feel it was really what we or others had in mind when they thought of threads. So after thinking about it decided to rename to discussions. Still felt it had value. Then went hard after threads to reach our goal of having threads completed.

Depends on how you converse.

We actually make use of them both internally. All of our weekly meetings with the whole company we spin up a discussion and then can start a meeting from the discussion using jitsi. Then all conversation associated with the meeting can happen right there. No more trying to figure out where to share that link with the rest of the participants. Every one knows exactly where it will be.

But in general anything we want a longer running conversation over we spin off a discussion.

Another example I want to start planning a new feature and I want to gather some feedback with out disrupting our main dev channel. I’ll start a discussion.

Where as threads are more like your replies. You posted something and I want to reply and has a short little almost ephemeral side conversation with in the same channel

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I did say I’d be happy to be corrected :slight_smile:

Unfortunately from the outside looking in there were some odd happenings with no real explained logic behind them.

Threading was a major U turn when you were on a RC. That is insane… you’d have had a feature freeze long before l normally.

The mobile apps are now a haphazard mess, partly working with new features, partly broken beyond repair. They are important for the use/uptake of Rocket in 2019 and sn App based world.

Then throwing oplogs in. I KNOW it needed doing. Just needed explaining, and managing.

That’s all PR.

And then to top it all you threw the best marketing opportunity you will ever have straight under a bus. No real announcement, fanfare, press. Just sort of ‘plop’ on the middle of the weekend.

In the light of the above comments it was probably just as well…

Working on the edges if PR I can do nothing but shake my head.

You know I’m a big fan of Rocket and hold you all in high regard. It isn’t easy to be harsh, and I’m not doing it for fun. It isn’t personal… just trying to be ‘professionally’ critical because it needs saying, and fixing.

Anyways, onwards & upwards… :slight_smile:

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FYI: There’s an issue about making threads and discussions convertible. Just in case you want to vote it up :wink:

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Yup I’d agree.

The biggest issue with threads as they stand is it just looks a disorganised mess at the minute.

Drives me nuts.