Post latest topics (RSS) to channel

Hi folks,

an idea, as I have just personally subscribed to the RSS feed of new topics: Use Hubot to subscribe the RSS feed of latest Discourse topics and post them go #general (or another, tbd channel) on

Possibly with a note:

Oh look! There’s a new topic on our Discourse platform: [URL from feed, Link text = title from feed]. Care to weigh in? :slight_smile:


Discourse actually supports an integration directly with Rocket.Chat that will post topics. So in this particular case we wouldn’t need to depend on an external tool to do the posting.

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Ah! Didn’t know that. Well then, of course, that’s the way to go :slight_smile:

Has this integration actually been set up for and yet? I’m curious to see how well this works, but have not noticed any integration between these environments yet…

It has not. At the moment we don’t really have a good place to sync this. We could dump to #general but it would just add to the noise. With the amount of noise already there… anyone that hangs around at all has no choice but to mute for sanity.

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