Community forum in react-native app

Hi Folks,
I’m researching the feasibility of implementing in an existing react-native app to add community features such as topics, posts, replies, likes, and @mentions. Most of the users will be transitioning from Facebook Groups and into our app. 90% of users are on a smart phone and 10% on tablets.

Is a good fit for that and how would we get started. I’m not a developer, I’m a product manager so I’m operating at somewhat of a macro level. Are there any examples where I can see where other companies have done something similar so I can see what’s possible?


Hi Enigmapaul, Believe these are good starting point → Creating Your First App - Rocket.Chat Developer ; Tutorial: Making a Rocket.Chat App

do you have any specific resources for react-native?

There is a repo for react.native stuff → GitHub - RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.ReactNative: Rocket.Chat mobile clients

Thank you!

Do you have customers that make as a feature within a larger react-native app? Example: a health care app with training information and a section of the app for community chat.

This is what you are looking for. We call it Chat Engine → Chat Engine

thank you! When using react-native and the chat engine, can we easily customize the UI? For example, reduce the reactions to a simple “like” button?

That part I think it might be easier to go to chat engine page that I shared before and click on talk to an expert. Team should be able to get you more info/details depending on exactly the features you are looking for.

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