What does this Desktop Client feature do exactly? Window > Show on unread messages

I am trying to figure out what this feature actually does. Under both Windows and Linux desktop clients there is an option under Window > Show on unread messages

I have enable and disabled, but can’t see a change or difference. It does not bring to foreground or any other visual indicators I can tell.
Does anyone know?
Thank you.

This feature absolutely used to function correctly. We use it in our organization, and would love it if there was a silent installer option to enable it by default, but yes, I think you are correct that it is not functioning as it should by bringing the window to the foreground… Perhaps it only works when the window is not minimized? I would prefer that it comes to front even if it is minimized.

Thanks for bringing this up! Hopefully some devs are watching. :slight_smile:

If there is a bug please open it as a bug: https://github.com/Rocket.Chat/Rocket.Chat.Electron/issues

Thanks! :slight_smile: