Windows 10 visibility of notifications: blinking icon possible?


Hi Rocket.Chat-Community,

Here our Situation:

  • People close Rocket.Chat Window / or login in their desktop account.
  • Rocket Chat goes into taskbar folder on the left side of the clock (Does anybody know the name of this “^” location?)
  • So a message will be displayed when it is received for a configurable amount of time, but often people leave there desk and when they are back, they won’t notice the new message.

Is there a way of showing the new notifications other than with the hidden tray icon?

Best Regards


I know of no other way. The location you are talking about is called the System Tray.


Hey chatdev,
thank you for the “system tray”. I’ll have a look wether there is a windows way to display icon outside of the tray, that would be kind of a workaround.


There’s probably some magical tool out there that does that :slight_smile: . Good luck.


Uuh this tools… :expressionless:


Thank you!