Windows 10 visibility of notifications: blinking icon possible?

Hi Rocket.Chat-Community,

Here our Situation:

  • People close Rocket.Chat Window / or login in their desktop account.
  • Rocket Chat goes into taskbar folder on the left side of the clock (Does anybody know the name of this “^” location?)
  • So a message will be displayed when it is received for a configurable amount of time, but often people leave there desk and when they are back, they won’t notice the new message.

Is there a way of showing the new notifications other than with the hidden tray icon?

Best Regards

I know of no other way. The location you are talking about is called the System Tray.

Hey chatdev,
thank you for the “system tray”. I’ll have a look wether there is a windows way to display icon outside of the tray, that would be kind of a workaround.

There’s probably some magical tool out there that does that :slight_smile: . Good luck.

Uuh this tools… :expressionless:


Thank you!

In Windows, this is called the Taskbar Notification Area. By default, your icons get hidden behind an expander, so you need to set Windows to always display the Rocket Chat icon…

Open Settings
Search for ‘notification’
Choose ‘Taskbar Notification Area’
Click ‘Select which icons appear on the taskbar’
Turn Rocket.Chat to On

It looks like the OP has already done this though and just wants a more noticeable icon. I’m in the same boat - I had an unread message for 4 hours yesterday before I noticed it.