Mobile notifications when logged into desktop client

I get mobile notifications on my phone when talking to people on the desktop client. Am I doing something wrong or is Rocket Chat just not very smart?

I use iOS but I’m guessing this is not iOS specific.

Are you talking about the desktop client (as a software) or using it on the desktop via browser?
When I’m logged in via browser I don’t get any mobile notifications, which should be the normal behavior.

However, I’d prefer to have this configurable. Sometimes I miss to log out from my browser at home and then I’m missing messages as they don’t push me on my phone/tablet :crazy_face:

Desktop client = electron client

This is still happening. I’ve been watching it closer and it seems a bit intermittent. Is there an issue for this or should I open one?

They should do it like on Skype, if you’re afk on both devices then you get notification on both devices, if you’re active on PC then mobile notifications gets disabled.

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bump. This still happens. People are still asking me when this is going to get fixed.