Task bar icon notification

I have problem with icon notications in task bar. This icon works like it wants, when new message comes icon can be white or red (it is random).
When I read message the icon also works randomly, one time is white, other time is red, and what is more, although I read the message (not always) I have info inside client “message not read”.
Is it possible to fix this bahaviour, it is a little annoying.

Hello Zen, are you experimenting this on open? or do you have your own rocket.chat server running? do you use a web browser or a desktop client?

Could it be that you see the icon still red because you have more messages to read before the last one? that is indicated with a red line and the amount of messages to be read at the top when you open the channel.

Sorry for delay,
I have my own rocket.chat server, users use desktop client. It looks like this, when system starts the icon of rocket.chat is white (normal behavior), when new message comes it changes on red icon (also normal behavior), and here is a different behavior, when I read message the icon sometimes is white or red, and in the client is red line with info that some messages are not read what is not true.

When the icon after read message doesn’t change from red to white and when client is minimized I am not able to see whether new message comes or not. Also desktop notification doesn’t appear. When I quit client and run again it works like it should.

Hello Zen, I tested what you mention with .deb client version 2.11.0 and rocket.chat server version 0.70 and the behavior is as expected, the moment you open the channel that shows new messages and go over the messages the red icon goes away, hope this helps.

Hello Lucia,
I use desktop client 2.13.3 and server version 0.69.2. Maybe you know when the new server 0.70 appears?

Hello Zen, I am checking with your client version, I don’t think is server version related, I was just using 0.69, just wondering if you are using any public channel and the unread red icon are for those? Sorry I couldn’t reproduce.

Hello Lucia,
yes I’m using public channel, when I read message(s) sometimes there is red line with info unread messages, although all messages are read.
The icon also works different, when new message comes, the icon can stay white and there is notification or not, or can change to red with notification or w/o. It is really random. So, from time to time I open client and check if there is something to read.

I have made some tests using 2 computers (comp-A, comp-B) and this maybe guide you for my problem,
on both computers client is open:
comp-A: write message
comp-B: the red line with info unread messages doesn’t appear; normal behavior, reply to comp-A
comp-A: the red line with info unread messages appears
in this behavior clients are open and users see messages so they don’t have to be informed that something is not read, but in my case it works opposite.

comp-A: write message
comp-B: client minimized or closed, the red line with info unread messages appears, it is normal bahavior

Hello Zen, sorry for the late reply, the dev team is aware of the red line for unread messages staying longer than needed and is working on it.

Thanks for your feedback!