Weird user issues that I don't know how to solve

Hello all,
I am quite new, and have only just begun digging in to administering our new Rocket Chat server and clients. I have a strange problem that I can’t seem to find an answer to, and my GoogleFu has failed me.

I am on my second install of the RocketChat server, as I borked my first iteration, after trying to add SSL and Let’s Encrypt to my install. At some point, the commands that I was entering screwed something up, and I could not determine a way to fix it, so rather than spending hours troubleshooting, I just started over, as the server was really just a test initially. So, after spinning up the new install, using the same IP address, on the same VM host, and the same VM configuration, I am slowly adding people back. I recreated all the users, and started that process from scratch. Previously, I had already had everyone in my building actually using the applications, and was humming along quite well, until I screwed it all up. I should probably also state that I have very little experience with any sort of Linux administration, as we are a Windows only shop, outside of our QNAP fileshare boxes we use, but those have a nice GUI…

Currently, on the new installation, I have all users added to the server, but only 4 users actually using the service. I have 2 issues. First, only in MY case, when I click on the globe, and select users from the dropdown list, rather than seeing the 53 users I have installed, I only get about the first 12, and nothing more. This is only happening to me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the RocketChat + application multiple times. It works correctly once or twice, and then within a few mins, reverts back to 12 or so users, and nothing more. I AM able to search for the users, and they come up, and I am able to open a direct message with them. Its just that they are not loaded and listed in the directory, as I would expect them to be.

Second, the users that I DO have that are currently signed in, if they click on a user in the one public channel, and open a Direct Message with that person, the Direct Message is listed in the public chat channel as well? I have no idea how or why this is happening, or if it could be a setting I maybe changed? I don’t remember changing a setting that sounded like it would create this kind of behavior.

Any help would be amazing!


Are these issues still happening on the latest Rocket.Chat version? Also what method did you end up using to install?

Those initial issues seem to have resolved. I also had a user who had her text box disappear, both in app and on the web browser version. Things seem to have fixed themselves.

I installed using the Snap installation. It was easiest, by far. Still trying to figure out an easy, not ungodly expensive way to get chat logs out of the system now.

Snaps pipe all logs to journalctl. So anything that will take and read from there should work great

journalctl -u snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server