2.15 update - any reports of issues?

Hi guys, just curious, several people including myself updated to 2.15 this morning. We have had a few issues. A couple of peoples Rocket Chat apps froze up and one user started receiving a missing dll error and was not able to boot into Rocket Chat at all. We uninstalled the latest version of Rocket Chat and reinstalled 2.11 for these stations for the moment.
Just wanted to post this in case any others might have had a problem, and well try re-updating again tomorrow.

thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for this feedback.

The 2.15.0 release of Rocket.Chat’s desktop app pushes a huge upgrade from Electron 2 to Electron 4, narrowing the gap between the app and the current Chromium versions. A user reported being able to start the app only after purging some configuration and cache files, so I think it’s important to address which operating system is running the app and from which app version did you update.

Hi Tasso, Thank you. :slight_smile:

We are all using windows 10 on our personal stations here. Im not sure if the main version of Rocket Chat is possibly on a different format of server, but if it is it would most likely be on Microsoft Server 2012.

Most of the personal stations have been upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit from other versions of windows. Most copies in our office are home or pro versions of windows 10 64 bit. Before upgrading to 2.15, we were using a 2.14 version of Rocket Chat. The only reason I bumped down to version 2.11 when 2.15 didn’t work is that is the version they have saved on our server for employees to download.
I tried downloading and installing 2.14.7 directly from the Rocket Chat website, but it would never resolve and complete loading once installed, so I had to actually kill the task in task manager to get it to let me uninstall it. I told it to clear the users records when prompted at the uninstall, but I don’t think it actually did as I had loaded an image for my avatar and it was still there.

Next, I downloaded 2.11 from our server again and told it to update to 2.15 again. Once it updated, it would not react to anything again and I had to remove it.

So Im back on version 2.11 for the moment.

Were you saying that I should clear my browser cache? I do generally use Chrome or Firefox.

thank you again, David

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We are having an issue where the icon on the taskbar just disappears after a day or two. Running on Windows 7 x64.
Screen Clip: https://imgur.com/a/G4cKtqO
If I quit and relaunch it comes back. This was not happening in 2.14.7.

dont know if this will help, but it hides a lot in the “Show Hidden Icons” up arrow on the task bar to the right. Many times it will just go there and not open on the screen. :slight_smile: