UX Overhaul Idea?

What is the plan for new and consistent UX across all platforms (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)?

What can we expect if a new consistent UX is in the pipeline?

Personally, I like to think and envision RocketChat to be a (from one angle) to be a mash up of Teamspeak & Discord. I mean this in regards to Teamspeak being self hostable and customizable per server but with a clean, consistent, attractive, intuitive, appealing UX similar of Discord.

Not sure what you’re thinking, just this something from a big fan of RC and would like to see it succeed.

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Whilst I hate the Discord model of centralizing things with one SaaS provider, they absolutely do nail the UX. The presentation is a little puerile in parts, so the language used etc isn’t appropriate for a business scenario, and clearly aimed at gamers, but as how the software feels and functions, it’s slick; I wish Rocket.Chat was this smooth.

You can probably begin to see the style we are aiming for slowly emerge.

But the idea is definitely to have a consistent UI across all devices. This is a lot of work and is taking us a while to get there, but we definitely plan to get there.

@bryandesrosiers @hammyhavoc Thanks for bringing such important topic to discussion.

We’re working hard in all the clients to make sure they follow the same line of design, colors, fonts and positions (when make sense). To give you guys some idea, on the mobile apps, here’s what we’re planning for both iOS and Android.


This looks seriously impressive, @rafael.kellermann; I love the minimalism, and the information density is perfect.

Think it would translate well into a dark mode too.


Great, thanks for the feedback! The theming for iOS is also in progress (https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.iOS/pull/1602) and I’m sure we’ll have some news about that for Android soon too. :+1:

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