RocketChat is getting worse and worse and is now unusable

We have been using RocketChat for years and have always been very satisfied!

But since mid-2022, the errors have been piling up. By now, it’s almost clear that one or two problems will occur after an update and something will no longer work. Worse still, you have to be happy if anything works at all after an update. Absolute garbage!

Are there still people testing and developing the community version?

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I completely agree with the author. I’m also tired of something breaking after every update. Now I rarely update, having first made a full copy of the server and rolled back in case of problems.

The problem when you don’t update is worse!

We kept an old release for monthes thinking it’s stable. So when the Desktop client get an update, you could deal with incompatibility issues.

Plus the day you would make the upgrade, databases could either keep unused or missing settings .

It’s better to keep up to date with the latest stable release.

We bailed on the product for the exact reasons you outlined

You guys definitely have valid points there, it had its issues and quirks but overall I was mostly satisfied.

We’ve had a lot of updates to core Rocket.Chat architecture as we’ve migrated front-end components from Blaze to React and back-end code from Javascript to Typescript. During this time we have had some disruptions as we manage this within our available capacity but those changes are also helping to ensure that we can continue to extend the functionality of the platfom and ensure security for users. My suggestion in the spirit of productive dialog is to ask community members to join our community open calls that I have periodically with Gabriel Engel to share updates on our direction and get input from the community. I will post the info here when we get our December session scheduled and I encourage you to join.