Usernames with @ (at) sign



We have been using Rocket.Chat for few years and main part of our environment is Atlassian Crowd-integration.

Most users are just strings with no (at) -sign (like “username”) but we have few users who have email address as a username (like “username(at)”).

I understand that (at)-sign is not “officially supported” on username (ref issue 10196).

Things have been good but few clitches have been there when mentioning users with (at)-sign. That has been way we were able to live with.

Now some update introduced option in Crowd settings: “Clear usernames”. Probably when it was introduced the default value was “True”.

This led to situation that users with (at) addresses couldn’t sign in. Username in Rocket.Chat was just “username” when it previously was “username(at)examplecom”.
We changed “Clear usernames” setting to False. It didn’t solve the situation, user still couldn’t log in. We couldn’t change usernames on rocketchat back to “username(at)examplecom”.

Well. Then we changed in Crowd username to “username” and vóila, user could log in again.

We are fine to remove part from usernames but current situation is this:
That user is visible with two usernames in Rocket.Chat: “username” and “username(at)”. User with “(at)examplecom” is offline and “username” is online. Only messages to “username(at)examplecom” go through.

Yes, it seems to be little complicated but luckily we are able to manage the situation now but still we would like to merge these two accounts so that username with “(at)examplecom” would ultimately disappear.

Any suggestions what should we do?

ps. @ -signs replaced with (at) and dot removed from domain as this board limits new user to post maximum of two links… :slight_smile: