Unable To use Capital Letters in Rocket.Chat

Hi Team

I am totally new to Rocket.chat and i love to use this rocket.chat in our company.
Totally awesome open source chat application.
I have some doubts in my mind that one is below.
How can i use Capital Letters in Rocket.chat…?
I can’t use capital letters while creating groups and names also…!

Thanks Team.
Now I find My Self in Administration Setting Under Layout Option. It’s Already in there i forget to find.

What exactly is the option called? I can’t seem to find something related to upper/lower-case, only Allow Special Characters in Room Names. Was it that setting?


Yes @TwizzyDizzy… That’s option allow us to use special characters.

Indeed, that works. Nice. There have been some people asking on Github. Gonna close their issues then with regard to that information :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back!