Hide username and email in a chat room



I am fairly new to Rocket.Chat and it’s a pretty cool project so far.
I have been researching and couldn’t find information regarding this.

Is it possible to hide user’s username and email and maybe replace them with ‘anonymous’.
What I would like to do is, in a chat room, only the admin’s username to be displayed and the admin to be able to see the usernames and email of the participants, but the participants should not be able to see that information.

Here is an example:
Lets say Jon is the admin and Bob and Alice are normal users.
When in a chat room, I would like Jon to see Bob and Alice (the default behavior).
Bob and Alice to be able to see Jon.
Bob should be able to see Alice as ‘anonymous’ and Alice to be able to see Bob as ‘anonymous’.

I hope I have explained the situation :slight_smile: .

Is there a way to achieve this?