Slack Import of upload files

Has anyone successfully added and linked uploaded files to a slack workspace import? Using the advanced slack importer utility, we are able to export user emails and uploaded files from our workspace, and in theory the regular slack export should contain in-line links to the uploaded files. Has anyone successfully put the two together in a rocket chat server environment?

Looks like no responses to this old question. Does anyone know if it’s possible today to export all content from Slack, including uploads, and have them imported into Rocket Chat?

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I’m also looking for a way to import uploaded files as well as messages. The Slack export includes URLs with tokens for anonymous access to the files, so in theory it should be possible to download the content and ‘upload’ it directly into Rocket Chat.
However the Slack import doesn’t seem to actually do this currently (I’ve installed Rocket Chat v1.3.2)

I’ve just added an issue to GitHub:

Already implemented:

I just tried upgrading to git version (2.2.0-develop) using local filesystem storage for uploads. I imported a Slack export and all the file URLs are still pointing at . Is there something else I need to do to make this work?

I also tried with 2.1.0 release – no different result – although it’s not clear to me if this feature exists in 2.1.0 because the code linked above is only in git.

Yeah not much of an answer, is it? Well, least not for noobs like me

May we please confirm this as a yes or no, please? i.e. If you import Slack content, are the files also imported and saved locally?

We’re currently using version 3.5.1